Automotive Industry Trends – Are You Ready For Electric Cars?


The automotive industry is changing. It's no longer just about the horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency of a car; it's also about how much pollution they produce. The shift to electric cars has already begun in some countries, with Norway leading the way by banning gas-powered cars by 2025.

The United States isn't quite as ambitious. However, there are still plenty of benefits to investing in an electric vehicle now rather than waiting for them to become more popular later on.


This post will discuss how the benefits of an electric car outweigh those of an average vehicle.

Lower Running Costs

One of the biggest pros of electric cars is that they have very low running costs. Electric car engines do not require oil changes, fuel, or spark plugs like petrol and diesel vehicles require. This means that the only regular costs associated with electric cars are tire replacements and brake pads.


Comparatively, a gas or diesel car requires more maintenance over its lifetime as it needs oil changes every 3000 miles, fuel filters changed every year, and new spark plugs every few thousand miles. This can amount to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a car.

Convenient to Drive

Electric cars are also very easy to drive. They have far fewer parts than a gas or diesel car, so they require less maintenance, and the engine is incredibly quiet. This means that electric vehicles are much more enjoyable to drive around town because of their gentle acceleration and smooth braking system, which makes them feel like you're driving an automatic car with no gears.


Electric vehicles are much more energy-efficient than gas or diesel vehicles. They take only a couple of hours to charge fully, so they're ideal if you need to make an urgent drive somewhere but don't want the stress of having to find a gas station.

Better for the Environment

Electric cars also have the added benefit of being much better for the environment. They produce zero emissions, which is great news for anyone concerned about climate change. Gas and diesel cars are one of the main sources of pollution in our towns and cities, so making the switch can help improve air quality for everyone.

Safe to Drive

Electric cars are also much safer to drive than traditional petrol or diesel cars. They have a much lower center of gravity, making them less likely to roll over in an accident.


Electric cars are also considerably quieter than regular cars, so you'll be able to hear any potential hazards coming up long before you would with a normal car. This is especially important if you're driving in a city, as it gives you more time to react to any potential danger.


The automotive industry is evolving non-stop, and with it comes new innovative technology. When you're shopping to buy an electric car, consider the Nissan Leaf, it produces zero emissions and offers an affordable alternative to gas cars. For more information on our inventory of electric vehicles or how we can help you find your next vehicle, visit us at Nissan of Gadsden, serving Southside, AL. Our experts will be happy to show you our premium new and used cars.